. The following material was extracted from With the Colors from Whatcom, Skagit, San Juan Counties 1917 1918 1919 Washington U.S.A.. Compiled and Published by Louis Jacobin. Copyright, 1921. Printed by Peters Publishing Co., Seattle, WA 1921.

. This is the short list of the men who died in service for Skagit County. More information is available and will be added as requested. (I want to do an index of the 300 plus men who served during WW1 so only placed a small portion of the information available).

. Extracted by Darilee Bednar...Copy of the book is available for research at 3rd St Books, 1615 3rd St, Marysville WA 98270

Ellsworth E. Albertson
Corporal, 78th Inf.: .%%%. b. 3 Jun 1918 (sic) Laurel Neb d. Semur, France 12 Feb 1919.

Harold H. Anderson
Private, 335th Inf. .%%%. b Sweden, 11 Jan 1896; d France, 10 Oct 1918

Burton B. Arnold
Private, Co. E. 59th Inf., 4th Div .%%%. b Palmer NE, 28 Mar 1888; d Battle of Argonne, 5 Oct 1918

Clark W. Ash
Private, Co. F. 168th Inf.: .%%%. born 20 Aug 1896; d Calons, France 16 Jul 1918

Glen Thompson Bagley
Seaman, U. S. Navy .%%%. b West Branch Mich, 11 Feb 1900; d of influenza, 12 Oct 1918 at Bremerton WA

George Garfield Baldridge
Corporal, Co. G. 23d Inf.; .%%%. b Hamilton, WA; d Battle of Soissons, 18 Jul 1918

Irving Henry Barbee
Private, 1st Class, Co. A, 23d Inf. .%%%. b St Louis County MO, 24 May 1889; d France, 5 Oct 1918

George T. Bishop
Private, Co D, 5th M. G. Batn., 2d Div.; .%%%. b Ellis KS, 30 Jul 1892; d Battle of St. Mihiel, 12 Sep 1918

William Ira Brigham
Private, Co. G. 23d Inf. .%%%. b Big Lake, WA 16 Apr 1902; d Battle of Soissons, Jul 1918

Leo Steve Bruett
2d Lieutenant, O.M.C. .%%%. b Beresford SD, 2 Jun 1891; d influenza Camp Johnston FL, 17 Oct 1918

Ressie R. Buchanan
Private, Co. G. 23d Inf. .%%%. b 9 Jan 1893 at Flat River Mo; d Battle of Marne, 3 Jul 1918

Charles E. Burch
no information .%%%. d influenza

Arthur E. Carlson
2d Lieutenant, 347th M. G. Batn, 91st Div .%%%. b Astoria OR, 25 Jun 1895; d Battle of Argonne, 30 Sep 1918; cited for gallantry in action

Elmer Herbert Carlson
Private, 1st Class, U.S. Army .%%%. b Ferndale WA 13 Jun 1895; d Battle of Soissons, 18 Jul 1918

Harry Leon Causland
Private, Co. I, 357th Inf. 90th Div .%%%. b 22 Jul 1887; d Battle of Bantheville Hill, Meuse-Argonne. winner Distinguished Service Cross posthumous

Blake Cuthbert
Fireman, 1st Class, U.S.S. Marietta .%%%. b Mt. Vernon WA 1 Sep 1896; d France bur. overseas

William Lodwic Fader
Private, 8th Brigade, Trench Mortar Baty; .%%%. b Jackson MN, 10 Dec 1888; d pneumonia U.S.S. General Grant, bur Mt. Vernon

Leroy Edward Gerdon
Seaman, University Naval Training Sta., Seattle, WA .%%%. b Vader WAl, 1 Jul 1896; d influenza, University N.T.S., Seattle, 3 Oct 1918

Harry Lewis Grimes
Private, Med. Detachment, 128th Inf. Base Hosp. No. 6 .%%%. b Allerton IA, 16 Dec 1891; d Juvigny France, 31 Aug 1918

Paul Raymond Heskett
Private, Co. E, 23d Inf .%%%. b Marshall Mo; 16 Jul 1900; d Battle of Argonne, 13 Sep 1918

Niel G. Hightower
Corporal Co. F, 361st Inf. 91st Div .%%%. b Ferry MI; d Allevry, France 2 Oct 1918

William Leolen Hilliker
Private, 1st Class Co F, 161st Inf .%%%. b Renton WA 1 Feb 1899; d Battle of St. Mihiel, 12 Sep 1918

William Leonard Holmes
Private, 14th Inf., Co D .%%%. b Bellingham WA 14 Nov 1891: d pneumonia at Camp Dodge IA 22 Oct 1918

Nathanel I Hudson
Private, Med. Corps, Aviation Field No. 2 .%%%. b Fresno CA 27 Nov 1897; d pneumonia Garden City NY, 17 Oct 1918

Thomas Tell Huntley
Private, Co. 38th Inf. .%%%. b 1890 d battle Argonne, 26 Sep 1918

Edward Ralph Irons
Private, Co. A, 361st Inf., 91st Div .%%%. b Saginaw MI, 21 May 1893; d 8 Oct 1918

Earl Chester Jenkins
Gunner, Oil Tanker, U.S.S. Georgia .%%%. b 13 Jul 1898; d influenza Brooklyn NY, 13 Oct 1918

Carl Harry Johnson
Private, Co. C. 305th Inf., 77th Div.; .%%%. b Anacortes WA, 15 Feb 1893; d Battle of Meuse-Argonne, 9 Nov 1918

Elmer W. Kinsey
Private, 1st Class, Co. L, 59th Inf., 4th Div .%%%. b 17 Apr 1894; 10 Aug 1918

Alf Mason
Private, Co. A, 361st Inf., and Co. I, 39th Inf.: .%%%. b Moorhead MN, 22 Sep 1887; d Battle of Argonne, 29 Sep 1918

Robert J. McConkey
Fireman, U. S. Navy .%%%. b Arbor Vitae WI, 19 Sep 1893; d U.S.S. Westbridge 15 Aug 1918, bur Brest France

John Wayne McCormick
Seaman, 2d Class, U.S.S. Wyoming .%%%. b Mound Valley KS, 15 Mar 1901; d scarlet fever, Bremerton WA, 7 Nov 1919

Chester Arthur Munks
Student, A. T. C. Pullman WA .%%%. b Fidalgo, WA 18 Nov 1890; d influenza-pneumonia Pullman WA, 1 Nov 1918

Carl August Nelson
Private, Co. D. 361st Inf., 91st Div .%%%. b Sweden, 1887; d 29 Sep 1918

Rex Oswald Norris
Private, Co L, 26th Inf., 1st Div .%%%. b Plumtree, NC 3 Jan 1889; d Battle of St. Mihiel 12 Sep 1918

Frank Robinson Norvell
Private, C. A. C. .%%%. b Fort Worth, TX, 13 Feb 1890; d Fort Worden WA, 1 Nov 1918

Oscar Theodore Omundson
Private Co. M, 361st Inf., 91st Div .%%%. b Medo twpn MN, 26 May 1896; d Battle of Argonne, 9 Oct 1918

Henning L. Peterson
Private, 1st Class, 872d Squadron, A. S. F. S., Langley Field VA .%%%. b Sweden, 21 Jan 1896; d Richmond VA, 8 Jan 1919

William Prather
Corporal, Co. L, 9th Inf.; .%%%. b Linn County KS, 1876; d 8 Nov 1918

James R. Queen
Private, 1st Class, 28th Co., 20th Engrs .%%%. b North Carolina, abt 1889 d Aixla Bain France 18 Dec 1919

Russell Sheriff
Private, Co. M, 23d Inf; .%%%. b Champaign County IL, 24 Nov 1899; d Battle of Champaigne, France, 4 Oct 1918

Jesse E. Smith
Private, Hdqtrs Co., 357th Inf., 90th Div .%%%. b Coffer County, TN, 3 Feb 1894; d Meuse-Argonne, 28 Oct 1918

William Henry Smith
Private, Mechanic Div., C. A. C. .%%%. b Winlock, WA, Apr 1894; d influenza Fort Lawton WA 22 Oct 1918; bur I.O.O.F. Cem, Winlock

James Reed Stewart
Private, 2d Batn., Scotch Guards; .%%%. b Inverkeillor, Scotland; d Battle of Somme, 27 Mar 1918

William Low Stewart
Private, 2d Batn., Black Watch, Royal Highlanders; .%%%. b Inverkeillor, Scotland; d Marseilles, France 13 Oct 1914

Walter Amos Stone
Corporal, Co. B, 128th Inf .%%%. b Ainsworth NE, 14 Aug 1891; d

Thomas Hale Thompson
Private, 1st Class, Co. F. 161st Inf. .%%%. b Skagit City WA 3 Jun 1895; d Treves, Germany, 27 Jan 1919

Barney J. Twardale
Private, Hdqtrs Co., 361st Inf., 91st Div .%%%. b Norway, 9 Nov 1894; d Battle of Argonne, 10 Oct 1918

Lewis Vogel
Private, Co. B. 347th M. G. Batn .%%%. b Trenton MO, 19 Jan 1889; d Battle of Meuse-Argonne, 28 Sep 1918

Robert Frazer Warren
Private, 6th Batn, 20th Engrs; .%%%. b Antigo WI, 22 Mar 1894; d 5 Feb 1918 bur. Kilnaghton, Scotland, Isle of Islay


In Flanders Fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
the Larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead: Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields

Take up our quarrel with the foe!
To you from failing hands we throw
The Torch. Be yours to hold it high!
If ye break faith with us who died
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow,
In Flanders fields

John D. McCrae

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