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Descendants of William Alexander Hamilton

Generation No. 1 1. WILLIAM ALEXANDER4 HAMILTON (DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born Abt. 1833 in Floyd Co., KY, and died Abt. 1923 in Arkansas. He married (1) HANNAH BALDRIDGE June 18, 1855 in Johnson Co., KY, daughter of WILLIAM BALDRIDGE and HANNAH ESTEP. He married (2) LOUISE L. GALLOWAY Abt. 1870. He married (3) UNKNOWN Abt. 1894 in Arkansas. Notes for WILLIAM ALEXANDER HAMILTON: The actual age and date of birth of William Alexander Hamilton is somewhat confusing if one is to believe the ages given in the various Census Reports where he was found to be listed as well as his marriage record in Johnson Co., KY. Marriage 1855 age 19 > b. 1836 Census 1875 age 36 > b. 1839 Census 1885 age 52 > b. 1823 !! Have not been able to find any records for him in Arkansas to help with this matter. ======================================= Following information was taken from the Johnson Co., KY Rootsweb page listing marriages for the time period of 1853 - 1855: "Johnson Co., KY Marriages 1853-1855" Mar date Groom/Bride LVG age status born Jun 18, 1855 William Hamilton FLD 19 single FLD Hannah Baldridge JHN 21 single LEE ================================= It is UNKNOWN when Hannah Baldridge Hamilton passed away nor where this event took place. Have not been able to locate where in Indiana the family moved to during or right after the Civil War. {Perhaps near Connersville, In as other relations seem to have located there.} {{There were many Baldridge family members that located to Hamilton, Washington also so it is possible that there may be a record within that family's genealogy records}} ================================== 1875 Federal Census - Hays City - Big Creek Township - Ellis Co., Kansas, Page 11, 1st day of March 1875 From where age Place of B to Kansas 33 107 87 William Hamilton 36 M W Farmer Kentucky Indiana 34 Louise Hamilton 31 F " Tennessee Indiana 35 Ira Hamilton 18 M " Farming Kentucky Indiana 36 John Hamilton 16 M " " Kentucky Indiana 37 Mary Hamilton 13 F " Kentucky Indiana 38 America Hamilton 10 F " Kentucky Indiana 39 Ashford Hamilton 2 M " Kansas Kansas 40 Motz Hamilton 3/12 M " kansas Kansas Schedule 2 Production of Agriculture in the Hays City page 14 1875 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.... 14 15 16....27....40 41 ....46...49...51 4 William Hamilton 160 800 50 50 12 2 7 500 1 1 2 1 =================================================== The 1885 Skagit County, Washington Territorial Census has the following listing for Hamiltons: 29 HAMILTON, Wm 52 M W Merchant M KY Louisa 46 F W M TN Ashford 13 M W S KS Motes 10 M W S KS Alice 8 F W S WT Morris 5 M W S WT Garfield 1 M W S WT ======================================= Note: This listing may have been in error as Louise was supposed to have died 1886. 1889 Census WA page 84 William Hamilton Louisa L. Ashford Motz Alice {Edna Alice} Morris {William Maurice} Garfield ========================================= NOTE 1: {Esther and Howard Hamilton , son of Ashford Hamilton, traveled to Topeka, Kansas and did some research on William Hamilton. They put this information in a letter to Bette (Hamilton), Maurice Hamiltons daughter. I have a copy of this letter.} They stated the following: Genealogy of the Hamilton Family William Hamilton Born: 1839/40 Place: Kentucky Died: 1922/23 William Hamilton was born in the State of Kentucky in the year 1839/40 {My note: if this is true then he was 16 yr when he married Hannah Baldridge} He was married three times. His first wife was Mae Baldridge. {Hannah Baldridge} There were four children born to this family; Ira (1857), John (1859), Mary (1862), Americas (1865)* William's second marriage was to Louise L. Galloway and to them five children were born. Ashford (1872), Motz (1875), Alice (1877), William Maurice (1879), Garfield (1884 ) According to the 1875 Census Records only Ashford and Motz were born in Hays City, Kansas. Also the Census listed William as a Farmer. The family came to the State of Kansas from the State of Indiana. The family moved to a homestead at the site of Hamilton, Washington. It is said that William "Bill" Hamilton was a promoter. And he later sold the township of Hamilton, Washington for the sum of $48,000.00 Louise Galloway Hamilton was born in the state of Tennessee in the year 1843/44. She passed away in the year 1886 from the measles. After the death of Louise, William left the family in Washington and traveled to Arkansas. There he married a 15 year old girl by whom he had a third family of five sons which they named after the presidents of the United States. The oldest son of Louise and William Hamilton, Ashford , was 15 years old when his father left for Arkansas. Ashford felt the responsibility of taking care of his brothers and sister and devoted his early life to this task. So it was not until he was 36 years old that he married Matilda Cora Jackson, of Seattle, WA.(**) It was sometime after Ashford and Matilda had children (***) that he saw his father again. He came to Hamilton, Wa. on a business trip and to see his children. He then returned to Arkansas never to be seen again. After the death of William, 1922/23, an attorney was sent to his son Ashford where he was asked to sign papers releasing rights of the estate. It was stated that the widow had very small children and they would receive full benefit of the property. End notes: *The following information was supplied by Ashfords children, Joe Hamilton, Ruth Hamilton Picker, and Howard Hamilton. *The dates of birth are estimates as the 1875 Census Records lists only the names and ages. This is taken from the 1875 Census in Topeka, Kansas - Hays City-Big Creek Township-Ellis Co.-Kansas-page 11. The records also show Louise was born in Tennessee although it is thought to be Louisiana. ** Maurice never saw his father after he left them as children but did correspond with him prior to his father's death. He also handled some paper work on sales of property for his father according to his daughter, Bette. *** On or after 1916 ======================================== More About WILLIAM ALEXANDER HAMILTON: Fact 1: June 18, 1855, m. Hannah Baldridge / Johnson Co., KY Notes for HANNAH BALDRIDGE: =========================================== Note: copied from Johnson Co., KY web site listing Marriages from 1853-1855: Johnson Co., KY Marriages 1853-1855 Mar date Groom/Bride LVG age status born Jun 18, 1855 William Hamilton FLD 19 single FLD Hannah Baldridge JHN 21 single LEE ==================================================== It is UNKNOWN when Hannah Baldridge Hamilton passed away nor where this event took place. Have not been able to locate where in Indiana the family moved to during or right after the Civil War. {Perhaps near Connersville, In as other relations seem to have located there.} {{There were many Baldridge family members that located to Hamilton, Washington also so it is possible that there may be a record within that family's genealogy records}} Daughter, Americas was born in 1865 KY, so Hannah had to have died after 1865 and before 1870 as Asford was born in KS in 1871 to 2nd wife Louise L. Galloway. William and family show up in Kansas on 1875 census with new wife and two children that where born in Kansas. KS census says that they came from Indiana to Kansas. ============================= Notes: The following references were derived by Carol Ryan, from the book called, " A Small Branch From The Baldridge Family Tree, The Descendents Of William Baldridge of Russell County, Virginia. " The author is: Clarence E Shepard 2641 Delmonte Ave Dayton, Ohio 45419. Carol Ryan wrote: Hannah Baldridge was the daughter of William Baldridge and Hannah Estep. William was the first child of William and Mary Baldridge of Russell County, Virginia. William the son had two wifes and 16 children. Hannah was the 6th child from his first marriage. The book says after 1860 and prior to 1870 this family left eastern Kentucky and they settled in Skagit Co Washington at a place called Hamilton. From eastern Kentucky records two children are known, Ira and John. Mary and America may have been born in the other county or state which is why It doesn't show them in the book. There are about 50 people with the last name Hamilton in the book. They are the spouses and children of other members of the Hamilton line that have married into the family, possibly siblings or cousins. Subject: RE:Baldridge Families Date: Monday, June 15, 1998 10:02 PM ===================================== Note: Hamilton and Baldridge families both show up in Skagit Co., WA in 1880's records. From the Skagit Valley Genealogical Society, papers received Jun 12, 1998: 1889 Census Skagit Co. WA P.40 Lella Baldridge 7 f w s KY Maud Baldridge 4 f w s WT P.55 J.Baldridge 37 m w m KY Ellen Baldridge 27 f w m KY Lydie Baldridge 11 f w s KY P.84 Wm Baldridge 41 m w m VA {See above, may be related to Hannah Baldridge} Pheba Baldridge 43 f w m VA J.R. Baldridge 23 m w s KY Ira Baldridge 21 m w s VA Henry Baldridge 19 m w s KY Joseph Baldridge 16 m w s KY Benf Baldridge 13 m w s KY Belle Baldridge 10 f w s KY Mary E. Baldridge 8 f w s KY Sarah Baldridge 5 f w s KY J.L. Baldridge 4 f w s KY Also page 84 listed a William Hamilton Family ( William , Louisa, Ashford, Motz, Alice, Morris, Garfield. Also page 83 listed John Hamilton Family {John, Alice, Albert, Jennie, Elzie. Note: WT = Washington Notes for LOUISE L. GALLOWAY: See also notes under William A. Hamilton and William Maurice Hamilton ================================================== Note: 2-22-94 Family Registry Index 0068 Mar93/0068 6050000 Hamilton M b. 1838 - USA/KY F: William d. M: m. -USA/KY Sp: Mae Baldridge 46y (4 May 1885) b.1839 Sp: Louise Galloway Sp: REG# FR 88794 ESTHER P. HAMILTON 577 LA CRESTA DRIVE HEMET, CA. 92343 ===================================================== Esther Hamilton is now deceased Children of WILLIAM HAMILTON and HANNAH BALDRIDGE are: 2. i. IRA5 HAMILTON, b. June 03, 1855, Kentucky; d. November 05, 1930, Caldwell, Canyon Co., Idaho. 3. ii. JOHN HAMILTON, b. August 28, 1859, Floyd Co., Kentucky; d. June 20, 1900, Hamilton, WA.. 4. iii. MARY HAMILTON, b. 1862, Kentucky. 5. iv. AMERICAS HAMILTON, b. 1865, Kentucky. Children of WILLIAM HAMILTON and LOUISE GALLOWAY are: 6. v. ASHFORD5 HAMILTON, b. June 25, 1871, Hays, Kansas; d. July 01, 1952, Monroe, Wa.. 7. vi. MOTZ HAMILTON, b. February 15, 1875, Hays City, Ellis Co., Kansas; d. July 03, 1939, Hamilton, Skagit Co., WA. 8. vii. EDNA ALICE HAMILTON, b. January 30, 1877, La Conner. WA; d. March 30, 1953, Sedro-Woolley, WA. 9. viii. WILLIAM MAURICE HAMILTON, b. June 21, 1879, Hamilton, Skagit Co., WA.; d. August 12, 1969, Sedro-Woolley, WA.. ix. GARFIELD HAMILTON, b. January 01, 1884, Hamilton, WA; d. January 05, 1945, Darrington, WA. Generation No. 2 2. IRA5 HAMILTON (WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born June 03, 1855 in Kentucky, and died November 05, 1930 in Caldwell, Canyon Co., Idaho. He married MARTHA JANE BELCHER March 17, 1884 in Meeker, Colorado. Notes for IRA HAMILTON: Idaho Death Certificate #72358 data follows: Ira Hamilton , Died at Memorial Park Hospital, Caldwell, Canyon Co., ID. 5 Nov, 1930 Male, White, Married born 3 June 1855 KY 75 yr 5 mo 2 days Rancher Name of father: Wm Hamilton b. KY. Name of Mother: Hannah Baldridge b.KY. Informant: Richard Beatty, of Caldwell, ID. Buried: Kohlerlawn Cemetery, Nampa, ID. THE CALDWELL NEWS-TRIBUNE Thursday Evening Nov. 6, 1930 IRA HAMILTON, AGED PIONEER, PASSES AWAY Many Years Spent in Western Country: Father of Caldwell Woman Ira Hamilton, father of Mrs. Richard Beatty of Caldwell and an early pioneer of the West and Idaho died Wednesday morning after a lingering illness, at a local hospital. Funeral services will be held Friday at 2pm in the Dunkard Church of Nampa with Dr. Graybillin charge. Burial will be in the Koherlawn Cemetery.Mr. Hamilton was born June 3, 1855 in Kentucky. When 16 years of age he went to Texas, where he experienced the thrills of buffalo hunting for three years. He came west to Wyoming in 1875 and was foreman of an ox team outfit that hauled freight from Rawlins, Wy to Meeker, Co.. He married Martha Jane Belcher of Meeker, Colo, in 1884. They started West on their honeymoon that spring, coming all the way to Idaho Territory on horseback making their home on the lower Owyhee river for a period. In 1891 they moved to Nampa where they lived for 15 years. Deceased was deputy sheriff under Taylor in 1899 and 1900. For the past 20 years he resided in Owyhee Co. where he was a rancher and road supervisor. Surviving him are his widow and seven children - James and George Hamilton of Owyhee Co. Mrs. Viola De Grace and Mrs. Irene Maff of Seattle, Mrs Lee Gawing of Portland, Mrs Walter Adams of Homedale and Mrs Dick Beatty of Caldwell. Moved to Nampa, ID in 1890 four children are buried in Kohlerlawn Cemetery in Nampa, ID. Ira Hamilton had been a Deputy Sheriff of Canyon Co. prior to moving to Sands Basin in 1911. The family moved from Nampa to their homestead in Sands Basin, on the old Jordan Valley freight road. As were all ranches on the road, it was called a Station. 1900 Fed Census 9 Jun 1900, Village of Nampa, Canyon Co., ID, S. Dist. 43, ED 136, sheet 6 Hamilton, Ira Head W M JUN 1855 45 M 16 KY KY KY Martha Wife W F FEB 1868 32 M 16 6 4 IA IL IL Viola W dau W F SEP 1885 16 S OR KY IA Irene J dau W F SEP 1888 11 S OR KY IA Ira W son W M FEB 1891 9 S ID KY IA James B son W M OCT 1896 3 S ID KY IA 1910 Fed Census Canyon Co., Idaho page 293a Hamilton Ira 50 years born KY Martha 41 years born IA William 19 years born ID James 12 years born ID Mabel 6 years born ID Mildretta 3 years born ID 1920 Fed Census Owyhee Co., ID T625-294 ED217, Sh14, Line 58 Hamilton, Ira head O F M W 61 m KY KY KY Martha wife F W 51 m IA NY IL Mabel G dau F W 16 S ID KY IA Mildretta dau F W 12 S ID KY IA Annabel dau F W 9 S ID KY IA George F son M W 6 S ID KY IA Notes for MARTHA JANE BELCHER: See Notes under Ira Hamilton 1920 Fed Census Owyhee Co., ID T625-294 ED217, Sh14, Line 58 Hamilton, Ira head O F M W 61 m KY KY KY Martha wife F W 51 m IA NY IL Mabel G dau F W 16 S ID KY IA Mildretta dau F W 12 S ID KY IA Annabel dau F W 9 S ID KY IA George F son M W 6 S ID KY IA Children of IRA HAMILTON and MARTHA BELCHER are: 10. i. VIOLA W.6 HAMILTON, b. September 1885, Oregon; d. Seattle, WA.. ii. IRENE J. HAMILTON, b. September 24, 1888, Oregon; d. November 1985, 98290 Monroe, Snohomish, WA.; m. MAN MAFF. Notes for IRENE J. HAMILTON: SS# 538-01-5746 Irene Elliott (Hamilton) b. Oregon iii. IRA WILLIAM HAMILTON, b. February 1891, Nampa, Idaho; d. Spokane, WA. Notes for IRA WILLIAM HAMILTON: Called William or Bill even though listed as Ira W. in 1900 Fed Census... See father's notes... ??? A SS# 518-05-5288 William Hamilton b.20 Oct 1890 d. Oct 1970 last residence 99216 Spokane, Wa. ?? iv. A UNKNOWN HAMILTON, d. Nampa, Idaho. v. MINNIE HAMILTON, b. 1893, Nampa, Idaho; d. 1900, Nampa, Idaho. Notes for MINNIE HAMILTON: died prior to June 1900 Fed Census. buried in Kohlerlawn Cemetery in same coffin as her baby sister Manilla 18mo old vi. JAMES B. HAMILTON, b. October 1896, Nampa, Idaho; d. Idaho; m. CLARA. Notes for JAMES B. HAMILTON: see notes under father Ira Hamilton Jim took up a homestead on Jump Creek in Sands Basin, Owyhee C., ID His wife Clara lived on it while he was employed as a stage driver from Homedale to The Rocks. Lived in Sheaville in 1915 vii. MANILLA HAMILTON, b. 1898, Nampa, Idaho; d. 1900, Nampa, Idaho. Notes for MANILLA HAMILTON: died prior to June 1900 Fed Census. buried in Kohlerlawn Cemetery in same coffin as her sister Minnie 7yr old viii. B UNKNOWN HAMILTON, d. nampa, Idaho. 11. ix. MABEL A. HAMILTON, b. March 20, 1903, Nampa, Idaho; d. April 01, 1993, Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon. 12. x. MILDRETTA LOUISE HAMILTON, b. July 10, 1907, Deer Flat, Canyon Co., Idaho; d. July 09, 1987, Homedale, Owyhee Co., Idaho. xi. ANNABELLE LEE HAMILTON, b. 1910, Nampa, Idaho; d. Portland, Oregon; m. MAN GAWING, Idaho. xii. GEORGE F. HAMILTON, b. 1913, Owyhee Co., Idaho. 3. JOHN5 HAMILTON (WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born August 28, 1859 in Floyd Co., Kentucky, and died June 20, 1900 in Hamilton, WA.. He married ALICE WALKER September 12, 1884 in Mt Vernon, WA. Notes for JOHN HAMILTON: Married in Mt.Vernon, WA., on 12 Sep 1884 to Alice Walker of Vancouver, BC Note: 1885 Skagit County, Wa. Territorial Census, 4 May 1885 Hamilton, John M W Farmer M KY [US Citizen} yes , Alice F W W Can yes They are not listed on the 1892 Skagit Co. WA Territorial Census. The 1897 Census of Children between the ages of five and twenty-one residing in School District No.12, Skagit Co., WA on the first day of Jun 1897 Parent Children AGE S wks/l yr city/county John Hamilton Albert 12 M 26 Hamilton Jennie 10 F 25 Hamilton Elsie 8 F 27 Hamilton Henry 7 M 14 Hamilton Victoria 5 F 0 Hamilton A son named Earl E. Hamilton was born 09-16-1894 (page 130 of book "Hamilton 100 Years" A son named Ray was born 11-28-1898, died on 05-24-1899 {6 MO} John was a farmer, and also active in the town's politics. John died of a heart attack, 6-20-1900, age 40yr. buried in Hamilton Cemetery. His wife and children dissappeared after he died.....perhaps going back to Canada. Children of JOHN HAMILTON and ALICE WALKER are: i. ALBERT6 HAMILTON, b. 1885, Hamilton, WA; d. April 17, 1902, Hamilton, WA. ii. JENNIE HAMILTON, b. 1887, Hamilton, WA; d. April 01, 1902, Hamilton, WA. Notes for JENNIE HAMILTON: epidemic at that time iii. ELSIE HAMILTON, b. 1889, Hamilton, WA. iv. HENRY HAMILTON, b. 1890, Hamilton, WA. v. VICTORIA HAMILTON, b. 1892, Hamilton, WA. vi. EARL E. HAMILTON, b. September 16, 1894, Hamilton, WA; d. June 01, 1975. Notes for EARL E. HAMILTON: Note: the E. could stand for Edward, and would explain the confusion made from Ruth Hamilton's notes on the family way back when... vii. RAY HAMILTON, b. November 28, 1898, Hamilton, Skagit, WA.; d. May 24, 1899, Hamilton, Skagit, WA.. viii. HARRY HAMILTON, b. Hamilton, WA. ix. EDWARD HAMILTON, b. Hamilton, WA. Notes for EDWARD HAMILTON: This Edward could be Earl E. Hamilton as there is no other information on him. He was mentioned in a letter from Ruth Hamilton, doing research on the family. 4. MARY5 HAMILTON (WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born 1862 in Kentucky. She married HARRY GRAIG. Notes for MARY HAMILTON: Have to check the census for La Conner, WA. to see if Mary and her sister America{s} are listed. It may be that they were married while the family stayed at La Conner, WA. after traveling all the way from Hay, KS, in 1875. Pieces of info from old letters suggest that Mary married someone with the surname of Craig. And America{s} married someone with the surname of Brewster. Child of MARY HAMILTON and HARRY GRAIG is: i. HARRY6 CRAIG. 5. AMERICAS5 HAMILTON (WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born 1865 in Kentucky. She married ? BREWSTER. Notes for AMERICAS HAMILTON: NOTE 1: Have to check the census for La Conner, WA. to see if Mary and her sister America{s} are listed. It may be that they were married while the family stayed at La Conner, WA. after traveling all the way from Hay, KS, in 1875. Pieces of info from old letters suggest that Mary married someone with the surname of Craig. And America{s} married someone with the surname of Brewster. NOTE 2: Found the following, could be William's 3rd wife and family. Americus could be the dau of William A. Hamilton and Nancy Rebecca King born 27 Sep 1896, Jonesboro, Craighead, Arkansas Children of AMERICAS HAMILTON and ? BREWSTER are: i. HETTIE6 BREWSTER, b. WA.; d. Mt. Vernon , WA. ii. MINNIE BREWSTER, b. WA.. iii. LILY BREWSTER, b. WA.. iv. EUNICE BREWSTER, b. WA.. v. PERRY BREWSTER, b. February 1898, WA.; d. April 1967, OH. Notes for PERRY BREWSTER: Note: need to get copy to verify parents PERRY BREWSTER b. 7 Feb 1898 d. Apr 1967 residence: 46201 (Indianapolis, Marion, IN) (No Location Given) SS# 301-01-5242 Ohio Before 1951 vi. JOSPHINE BREWSTER, b. WA.. vii. TED BREWSTER, b. WA.. 6. ASHFORD5 HAMILTON (WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born June 25, 1871 in Hays, Kansas, and died July 01, 1952 in Monroe, Wa.. He married MATILDA CORA JACKSON July 01, 1909 in Seattle, WA. Children of ASHFORD HAMILTON and MATILDA JACKSON are: 13. i. JOE6 HAMILTON, b. December 17, 1912, Hamilton, WA. ii. RUTH M. HAMILTON, b. May 22, 1915, Hamilton, WA. iii. HOWARD HAMILTON, b. July 08, 1916, Snohomish, WA. Notes for HOWARD HAMILTON: HOWARD HAMILTON b. 18 Jul 1916 d. 21 Aug 1997 residence: 93455 (Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, CA) (No Location Given) SS# 081-09-2116 New York Before 1951 7. MOTZ5 HAMILTON (WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born February 15, 1875 in Hays City, Ellis Co., Kansas, and died July 03, 1939 in Hamilton, Skagit Co., WA. He married MALLE MAUD CANNON December 26, 1905 in Mt.Vernon, WA, daughter of HENRY CANNON and R. ALLISON. Children of MOTZ HAMILTON and MALLE CANNON are: 14. i. AMANDA6 HAMILTON, b. February 14, 1907, Victoria Hills, near Conway, WA.; d. August 05, 1991, Burlington, WA. 15. ii. DAISY HAMILTON, b. January 01, 1908, Hamilton, WA; d. November 06, 1996, Alger, Skagit Co., WA.. iii. THOMAS G. HAMILTON, b. August 26, 1910, Hamilton, WA; d. January 16, 1911, Hamilton, WA. iv. HELLEN ALLISON HAMILTON, b. July 23, 1912, Hamilton, WA; d. April 05, 1914, Hamilton , WA. 8. EDNA ALICE5 HAMILTON (WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born January 30, 1877 in La Conner. WA, and died March 30, 1953 in Sedro-Woolley, WA. She married (1) JOHN W. SWAFFORD Abt. 1917 in Mt Vernon, Washington. She married (2) JULE 2 Abt. 1925 in Washington. She married (3) DAVID ROBINSON May 18, 1928 in Washington. Children of EDNA HAMILTON and JOHN SWAFFORD are: i. WESLEY BRIAN6 SWAFFORD, b. June 18, 1897, Washington. ii. MINNIE SWAFFORD, b. August 12, 1900, Washington. iii. LEONARD SWAFFORD, b. 1901, Washington. 9. WILLIAM MAURICE5 HAMILTON (WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born June 21, 1879 in Hamilton, Skagit Co., WA., and died August 12, 1969 in Sedro-Woolley, WA.. He married (1) CORA NELSON 1906 in Ballard, WA, daughter of GRANDPA NELSON and MARY NELSON. He married (2) LULA MAE WOLFKILL September 20, 1925 in Washington. Notes for WILLIAM MAURICE HAMILTON: Social Security Death Index MAURICE HAMILTON b. 21 Jun 1879 d. 12 Aug 1969 Residence 98284 (Hamilton, Skagit, WA) (No Location Given) SS# 537-28-0817 Washington Before 1951 ============================= Maurice died of pneumonia in a rest home. Buried Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton, Skagit Co., WA =============================== He made a voice tape for the Historical Society and it is either in Burlington or La Conner, WA. {Might also check with the Mt.Vernon Societies.} =============================== NOTE: Letter from Bette, Maurice's daughter, to her cousin, Howard and Ruth Hamilton. May 1981. Please let me introduce myself - I am Bette Hamilton Willson and I believe you are my first cousin ! My brother, Connie, sent on a copy of your letter to him , re: The Family, cause I've kept a little better track then he has. It is so great to know someone is doing what you two ar doing. I have a tiny piece of paper - in Papa's writing, that he wrote all his brother's & sisters, mother, father. I don't have dates but i have scraps of memories, I loved to have Papa tell me about his childhood. And as I grew older, he told me more. This may turn out like a story - and you'll have to pick out whats's useful. First, I'll duplicate the piece of paper: 1/2 brothers & sisters Ira - Viola, Annabelle, Irene, Mabel + 1 [couldn't remember] Mary - Harry Craig [child] John - Albert, Harry, Victoria, Jenny, Eloise, Henry, Edward Americas - Hettie, Minnie, Lilly, Eunice, Perry, Josephine, Ted at the top of this part is written, "Mae Baldridge" and below "Americas" is written "married Brewster" There was a "Hettie" living in Mt. Vernon that always called Papa, Uncle Maurice. Perhaps that Hettie, was Americas daughter! William Hamilton and Louise Galloway. Grandma Louise was from Louisiana {Papa's memory} and died when Papa was about 6 or 7 years old. He didn't know to much about her. Papa was the baby & I suspect there was a lot of conflict and trouble. He's never talk much about that, altho his memory about describing in detail things that happened when he was 4 years old was excellent. Papa had asthma and remembered it very early. Thru his life it flaired up under stress, so that's partly what I'm having early conflict on. Grandpa William must have been a rogue. He was certianly much married. I don't know the story on the mother of the afore mentioned 1/2 brother's and sister's. But some 15 or 20 years ago, a man and his sister got in touch with Papa, and they were from Pennsylvania {I'm not sure - may have ben Indiana or Ohio}. They had traced William to Washington - he had left their mother or grandmother ( I was away at the time & the story wasn't clear) in Pennsylvania. And I had always been told he came from Kentucky. I don't know their ages - so they would have been quite old if it had been their mother. When Papa was about 7 - after his mother died, Grandpa William had a hotel in Hamilton Wash. which was quite a little town {Settlement ?} He sold the hotel & part of the sales condition was that he wanted to make the trip back to Kentucky and would be gone a year so the buyers were to board and room the children until he returned. When the year was up - they were put out on their own. They all went to a little house that belonged to their father but had been abandoned. The rest of the children he wrote down: Ashford - Joe, Ruth, Howard Motz - Amanda, Daisy Alice - married Swafford - Wesley, Minnie, Alonzo Garfield - 0 Maurice - Ben, David, Paul, Bette, Conrad Once they were in the house, a young man, gambler by trade, moved in with them to see that they were alright. He saw to it they went to school & got enough to eat. Papa remembered being very sick & finally being able to drink canned milk that young man brought him. And he taught Papa to play any card game, altho when I knew him, he never gambled & would never bet. He may have as a younger man. Grandpa William never returned to Wash. - but settled in Oklahoma - where he started another family. He evidently got in touch with Papam abd thru him, sold some properties he still owned in Hamilton, WA. They corresponded a bit - then finally one of his Oklahoma son's sent Papa work he'd died. Papa was born William Maurice Hamilton June 21, 1879.He died Aug. 12, 1969 My mother was Lula Mae Wolfkill Hamilton. But first he married to Cora Nelson of Seattle, a schoolteacher. They had Ben, who was killed in an auto accident, July 4th, 1931. Then David who died about 1965 in Arizona. David had several children and one son is a police officer in Yuma. Also a daughter lives there and her married name is Campbell. I think he had four children in all. Someplace I have a letter the daughter in Yuma wrote to Papa after he passed away. I answered it, but she never replied. Baby Paul only lived several weeks, and Cora died about the same time of "Childhood Fever". Papa loved her very much and I think it was a great tragedy for him. My mother & father were married Sept. 20, 1925. I was born April 12, 1927, and my brother, Conrad Dell, was born July 9 1933. I have one daughter, Bonnie Jean, born April 17, 1946 (She has 4 little girls) My brother married Jean Wondrack, June 12, 1954 and they have three children, Dana Joy, Scott Joseph and Troy John Hamilton. My! This has gotten to be quite a letter. I'm sorry I didn't answer before. This past year has been rather hectic, and in the past few weeks my daughter has been quite ill. Had surgery Tuesday & I've been busy ! I work for three eye physicians, so working plus doing for "my daughter's little family has been a full time proposition. I got home a little earlier tonite determined to get this done and off to you. So please consider that I am kinda tired as I write this. I remember Uncle Motz, but he died when I was quite small. I have seen Amanda and Daisy a few times over the years. Also, when Ashford & his wife died in Monroe, WA. about 15 years ago, I was home and attended their funeral with Papa. Papa made a tape for the Historical Society and it's in either Bellington or La Conner, WA. I have never heard it, but will try to locate it. If any of these bits and peices fit what Uncle Ashford passed along - I'd like to know. Nice to know we have cousins out there ! Tell me about your family. Bette More About WILLIAM MAURICE HAMILTON: Fact 1: 1st marriage - Cora Nelson Fact 3: September 20, 1925, 3rd marriage - Lula Mae Wolfkill Notes for LULA MAE WOLFKILL: 1972 buried in Hamilton Cemetery, Hamilton, Skagit Co., WA. Children of WILLIAM HAMILTON and CORA NELSON are: i. UN-NAMED6 HAMILTON, b. November 15, 1905, Hamilton, WA. Notes for UN-NAMED HAMILTON: Un-named boy born to Maurice Hamilton and to Miss Rice {newspaper notice} This has not been verified. ii. BENJAMIN MAURICE HAMILTON, b. 1907, Hamilton, WA; d. July 04, 1931, Sedro-Woolley, WA. Notes for BENJAMIN MAURICE HAMILTON: Ben died in an automobile accident returning home from a college football game He was engaged to Golda Abel. 16. iii. DAVID CLAIR HAMILTON, b. February 28, 1908, Hamilton, Skagit Co., WA.; d. December 04, 1963, At home, Yuma, Az. iv. PAUL HAMILTON, b. 1910, Hamilton, Skagit Co., WA.; d. 1910, Hamilton, Skagit Co., WA. soon after mother died. Notes for PAUL HAMILTON: Paul died about two weeks after his mother, Cora Nelson Hamilton. Children of WILLIAM HAMILTON and LULA WOLFKILL are: 17. v. BETTE ROSE6 HAMILTON, b. April 12, 1927, Washington. 18. vi. CONRAD HAMILTON, b. July 09, 1933, Washington; d. November 03, 1992, Enumclaw, Washington. vii. MONA WOLFKILL, b. Abt. 1926; Adopted child; m. BURTON MOORS. Generation No. 3 10. VIOLA W.6 HAMILTON (IRA5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born September 1885 in Oregon, and died in Seattle, WA.. She married MAN DE GRACE Abt. 1905 in Idaho. Notes for VIOLA W. HAMILTON: Seen in a family picture taken in Nampa, ID about 1910 Child of VIOLA HAMILTON and MAN DE GRACE is: i. VIOLA7 DE GRACE, b. November 1906; m. MAN VERT. Notes for VIOLA DE GRACE: VIOLA (social security death index info) VERT 16 Nov 1906 7 Aug 1991 (No Location Given) (No Location Given) 531-22-1847 Washington Before 1951 11. MABEL A.6 HAMILTON (IRA5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born March 20, 1903 in Nampa, Idaho, and died April 01, 1993 in Portland, Multnomah Co., Oregon. She married RICHARD BEATTY in Idaho. Notes for MABEL A. HAMILTON: Information obtained from Idaho State Historical Society 10 Jun 1998 SS# 519-16-8351 ID Mabel Beatty MABEL BEATTY 20 Mar 1903 1 Apr 1993 97201 (Portland, Multnomah, OR) (No Location Given) 519-16-8351 Idaho Before 1951 Child of MABEL HAMILTON and RICHARD BEATTY is: i. JIM7 BEATTY, b. Idaho. 12. MILDRETTA LOUISE6 HAMILTON (IRA5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born July 10, 1907 in Deer Flat, Canyon Co., Idaho, and died July 09, 1987 in Homedale, Owyhee Co., Idaho. She married WALTER ADAMS January 23, 1926 in Caldwell, ID. Notes for MILDRETTA LOUISE HAMILTON: SS# 518-14-0710 ID Mildretta Adams, Homedale, Owyhee, ID OBIT IN THE OWYHEE AVALANCHE - THURSDAY JULY 16, 1987 MILDRETTA LOUISE ADAMS Funeral services were conducted Mondaay, Jul 13, at 11AM at the Homedale Presbyterian Church for Mildretta Louise Adams, 79, of Homedale, who died Thursday, July 9, in a Caldwell hospital. Officiating was Rev.Pickrell of the Presbyterian Church. Interment will be in the Marsing-Homedale cemetery. Mrs. Adams was born Jul 10, 1907 at Deer Flat, 4 miles west of Nampa to pioneer parents Ira and Martha Hamilton. The family moved to Sands Basin, Owyhee Co., in 1911 where she resided. She married Walter Adams in Jan 1926 in Caldwell, Idaho. The couple have since made their home in Homedale and Silver City, Owyhee County, Idaho. In 1961, Mildretta established and along with her husband, operated the Old Schoolhouse Museum in Silver City. She has authored three popular historical books on Owyhee County. Her books were a labor of love of Owyhee County and areas that where closely bonded in those early days. Mildretta spent over six decades exploring the Owyhees on horseback and has bounced many a mile over backroads, wagon ruts and cow trails on the seat of an old pickup, long before there were four-wheel drive rigs and BLM maintained accessways. In 1950 she accepted the challenge of being census taker for Owyhee County, seeking out the most remote dwellings over the expansive and desolate territory, some of which she had to accomplish on horseback. Intrigued and absorbed in an area rich with one of the most colorful pasts of any in the state, Mildretta has dedicated all of her spare time to locating historical sites, digging relics, collecting antiques, hunting indian artifacts and rock hounding in this country. She has written many articles on local and county history published over the years in newspapers covering the general regions. She is survived by her husband, Walt Adams of Homedale; three daughters Alene Downing of Homedale, Pat Davis of Bruneau, and Marilyn Burke of Meridian; one sister, Mable Beatty of Portland, OR; nione grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren; numerous nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents, four brothers, six sisters and one grandson. Notes for WALTER ADAMS: Served in the first world war. Worked on the construction of many projects on the Owyhee River, including dams and bridges. Lived in Silver City and Homedale, Owyhee Co., ID Children of MILDRETTA HAMILTON and WALTER ADAMS are: 19. i. PATRICIA7 ADAMS, b. Idaho; d. Bruneau, Idaho. 20. ii. MARILYN ADAMS, d. Meridian,. iii. ALENE ADAMS, b. Idaho; d. Homedale, Owyhee Co., ID; m. MAN DOWNING, Idaho. 13. JOE6 HAMILTON (ASHFORD5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born December 17, 1912 in Hamilton, WA. He married MARION in Denver, Co.. Notes for JOE HAMILTON: JOE HAMILTON b. 17 Dec 1912 d. 28 Feb 1991 residence: 80221 (Westminster, Adams, CO) (No Location Given) SS# 537-09-5036 Washington Before 1951 Children of JOE HAMILTON and MARION are: i. BETTY7 HAMILTON, b. Denver, Co. ii. BOBBY HAMILTON, b. Denver, Co.. 14. AMANDA6 HAMILTON (MOTZ5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born February 14, 1907 in Victoria Hills, near Conway, WA., and died August 05, 1991 in Burlington, WA. She married CHARLES A. CRAMER August 11, 1930 in Vancouver, B.C.. Notes for AMANDA HAMILTON: AMANDA CRAMER b. 14 Feb 1907 d. 5 Aug 1991 Burlington, WA. SS# 538-42-7415 Washington 1961 OBIT Amanda "Mandy" Hamilton Cramer Amanda 'Mandy' Hamilton Cramer, 84, of Burlington died Monday, Aug 5, 1991, at United General Hospital. She was the granddaughter of William Hamilton, the founder of the town of Hamilton. She was born on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, 1907, in Victoria Hills near Conway, in a logging camp there, the daughter of the late Motz and Maude Hamilton. She attended school in Hamilton and Sedro-Woolley and was a 1925 graduate of Sedro-Woolley High School. She later attended college at Washington State University in Pullman. On Aug. 11, 1930 , she married Charles A. Cramer in Vancouver, BC. They spent many years working in the construction industry in Washington and Alaska, and traveled extensively in the United States and abroad. Mrs. Cramer was active in the Zuliecka Club No.7 in Mount Vernon and Hatasu Temple No.1, both Daughters of the Nile, Holly Chapter No.199, Order of Eastern Star; and Skagit Squares, Western Squares, Silver Saddles and other square dance clubs. She was also interested in preservation of historical sites, and was a member of Skagit County Chapter No.2, Territorial Daughters. Mrs. Cramer helped to save the Old Garl House, which was built in 1892, the first house to be constructed in Burlington. The house is now at 419 W. Fairhaven Ave. Her other affiliations included the Skagit County Pioneers Association and the Skagit County Historical Society. She is survived by her husband of 61 years, Charles , at home; a daughter and son-in-law, Patricia and Allan Noyes of Burlington; a sister, Daisy Staveness of Rio, WI; a siter-in-law, Sarah Cramer of San Diego, CA; two granddaughters, Karen Dawson of Seattle and Sabra Noyes of Keyport, NJ; two great-grandchildren; four nieces, Jeannie Ryan of Burlington, Sally Fox of Caro, MI, Barbara Souder of Puyallup and Mary Jane Staveness of Rio, Wi; several great-neices and great-nephews. Notes for CHARLES A. CRAMER: CHARLES CRAMER b. 31 Dec 1909 d. 1 Jan 1996 Residence: 98233 (Alger, Skagit, WA) Last Benefit: (No Location Given) SS# 532-20-0551 Washington Before 1951 Child of AMANDA HAMILTON and CHARLES CRAMER is: 21. i. PATRICIA7 CRAMER. 15. DAISY6 HAMILTON (MOTZ5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born January 01, 1908 in Hamilton, WA, and died November 06, 1996 in Alger, Skagit Co., WA.. She married MAN STAVENESS. Notes for DAISY HAMILTON: DAISY STAVENESS b. 19 Apr 1908 d. 6 Nov 1996 Residence: 98233 (Alger, Skagit, WA) Last Benefit: (No Location Given) SS# 537-16-3893 Washington Before 1951 Child of DAISY HAMILTON and MAN STAVENESS is: i. MARY JANE7 STAVENESS, b. June 04, 1925, Rio, WI.; d. October 31, 1997, Alger, Skagit Co., WA. Notes for MARY JANE STAVENESS: MARY STAVENESS b. 4 Jun 1925 d. 31 Oct 1997 Residence: 98233 (Alger, Skagit, WA) last Benefit: (No Location Given) SS# 538-18-2155 Washington Before 1951 16. DAVID CLAIR6 HAMILTON (WILLIAM MAURICE5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born February 28, 1908 in Hamilton, Skagit Co., WA., and died December 04, 1963 in At home, Yuma, Az. He married NINA MAE MCDANIEL March 17, 1929 in Denver, Co., daughter of CORDELL MCDANIEL and MATTIE HEDRICK. Notes for DAVID CLAIR HAMILTON: died of a heart attack while sitting in his easy chair waiting for lunch Notes for NINA MAE MCDANIEL: Social Security Death Index NINA Mae [McDaniel] HAMILTON b. 17 Nov 1910 d. 28 Aug 1996 Residence: 85364 (Yuma, Yuma, AZ) Last Benefit: (No Location Given) SS# 523-18-5555 Colorado Before 1951 Married : March 17, 1929, Denver, Colorado to David Clair Hamilton of Hamilton, Skagit, WA. buried in Yuma City Cemetery, Yuma, AZ Children of DAVID HAMILTON and NINA MCDANIEL are: 22. i. MARY LAVERGNE7 HAMILTON, b. November 09, 1929, Denver, Co.. 23. ii. DAVID MAURICE HAMILTON, b. December 04, 1930, Denver, Co. iii. RUTH LOUISE HAMILTON, b. December 12, 1931, Denver , CO; d. January 01, 1932, Denver, Co. Notes for RUTH LOUISE HAMILTON: born at home in Denver, CO. 12 Dec. 1931 died 1 Jan. 1932, Denver CO., complications with Erasyphlis (ear infection) 24. iv. MARGARET LEONA HAMILTON, b. October 28, 1933, Denver, Co; d. February 14, 1992, Yuma, Az. 25. v. PATRICIA MAE HAMILTON, b. February 07, 1938, Denver, Co.. 26. vi. RICHARD ORVILLE HAMILTON, b. December 21, 1945, Coupeville, WA.. 27. vii. JUDITH ANN HAMILTON, b. August 10, 1946, Yuma, Az. 17. BETTE ROSE6 HAMILTON (WILLIAM MAURICE5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born April 12, 1927 in Washington. She married (1) FRED R. BLACKWELL June 14, 1945. She married (2) GLEASON MOORE November 28, 1981. Notes for BETTE ROSE HAMILTON: Living in Mountlake Terrace, WA Child of BETTE HAMILTON and FRED BLACKWELL is: 28. i. BONNIE JEAN7 BLACKWELL, b. April 14, 1946, WA.. 18. CONRAD6 HAMILTON (WILLIAM MAURICE5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born July 09, 1933 in Washington, and died November 03, 1992 in Enumclaw, Washington. He married JEAN WONDRACK June 12, 1954 in Washington. Notes for CONRAD HAMILTON: OBIT of "Conrad 'Connie' Hamilton" Conrad 'Connie' Hamilton of Enumclaw died Nov.3, 1992, at the age of 59. He was born July 9, 1933, and had lived in the area until graduating from Sedro-Woolley High School in 1951. He graduated from Western Washington University and later returned to serve as assistant professor of physical education and baseball coach from 1967-71. After graduation, Hamilton received his Masters degree from California State University in Los Angeles, Ca. and while there he acted as a scout for the Houston Astros. In 1971, he and his wife Jean, moved their family to Enumclaw, where he spent 10 years as vice principal and 10 years as principal of Enumclaw High School. He is past president of the Pierce County League School administrators, a member of the National and Washington Association of Secondary School Principals and most recently, a supervisor of student teachers for Western Washington University. He also enjoyed golf, camping, gardening and tennis. He loved baseball of any kind and especially the Mariners. He will be missed by his many surviving friends, former students and family, including his wife Jean of 38 years; sons Scott Hamilton and his wife Susan, of Seattle,WA.; daughter Dana Blumberg and her husband, Marcus, of Rancho Mirage, CA.; sisters Mona Moors and her husband, Burton, of Mt. Vernon and Betty Moore and her husband, Gleason, of Mountlake Terrace, WA. Funeral services were held Saturday at the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Enumclaw. Memorials can be made to: Conrad Hamilton Scholarship Fund, C/O Puget Sound Bank, 1212 Cole St., Enumclaw, WA. 98022 Children of CONRAD HAMILTON and JEAN WONDRACK are: i. DANA JOY7 HAMILTON, b. July 02, 1961, Washington; m. MARCUS BLUMBERG. ii. SCOTT JOSEPH B. HAMILTON, b. November 20, 1963, Washington; m. SUSAN. iii. TROY JOHN HAMILTON, b. October 22, 1969, Washington. Generation No. 4 19. PATRICIA7 ADAMS (MILDRETTA LOUISE6 HAMILTON, IRA5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born in Idaho, and died in Bruneau, Idaho. She married MAN DAVIS in Idaho. Child of PATRICIA ADAMS and MAN DAVIS is: i. MARY ANN8 DAVIS, b. Idaho. 20. MARILYN7 ADAMS (MILDRETTA LOUISE6 HAMILTON, IRA5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) died in Meridian,. She married MAN BURKE. Child of MARILYN ADAMS and MAN BURKE is: i. JANIE8 BURKE. 21. PATRICIA7 CRAMER (AMANDA6 HAMILTON, MOTZ5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1). She married ALLAN NOYES. Notes for PATRICIA CRAMER: where living in Burlington,WA Children of PATRICIA CRAMER and ALLAN NOYES are: i. KAREN8 NOYES, m. MAN DAWSON. ii. SABRA NOYES. 22. MARY LAVERGNE7 HAMILTON (DAVID CLAIR6, WILLIAM MAURICE5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born November 09, 1929 in Denver, Co.. She married (1) HAROLD MELTON STOEHR August 11, 1946 in Yuma, AZ. She married (2) CHUCK SIMMS 1964 in Denver, CO.. Children of MARY HAMILTON and HAROLD STOEHR are: i. EDITH ANN8 STOEHR, b. May 17, 1947. ii. YVONNE LEE STOEHR, b. January 05, 1949; d. April 16, 1954, Yuma, AZ. Notes for YVONNE LEE STOEHR: died from Cystic Fibrosis iii. KATHLEEN SUE STOEHR, b. February 02, 1950; m. PAUL VILLANUEVA, San Luis, Mexico. iv. NAOMI LYNN STOEHR, b. September 05, 1951; d. September 16, 1953, Yuma, AZ. Notes for NAOMI LYNN STOEHR: died from Cystic Fibrosis v. HAROLD JAMES STOEHR, b. February 14, 1957. 23. DAVID MAURICE7 HAMILTON (DAVID CLAIR6, WILLIAM MAURICE5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born December 04, 1930 in Denver, Co. He married (1) ALTA LOMA ROBERTSON August 04, 1951 in Duncan, AZ. He married (2) DORETTA ELLEN BRANDES March 17, 1960 in Denver, CO., daughter of EMIL BRANDES and JOHANNA ASSING. Children of DAVID HAMILTON and ALTA ROBERTSON are: i. DAVID CHARLES8 HAMILTON, b. December 15, 1952; m. PAULA STIENBECK, 1984, Roswell, New Mexico. ii. IVAN GILL HAMILTON, b. April 21, 1954; m. AVA HINES, September 05, 1981, Denver, CO.. Children of DAVID HAMILTON and DORETTA BRANDES are: iii. BILL8 HAMILTON, b. May 23, 1953, Denver, Co.; m. ROBERTA NOBLE, June 29, 1976, Denver, CO.. iv. JOHN E. HAMILTON, b. August 07, 1960, Denver, Co.. v. EMILY HAMILTON, b. November 05, 1969, Denver, Co.. 24. MARGARET LEONA7 HAMILTON (DAVID CLAIR6, WILLIAM MAURICE5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born October 28, 1933 in Denver, Co, and died February 14, 1992 in Yuma, Az. She married (1) JOHN ELMER FAISON December 09, 1948 in Yuma, AZ. She married (2) HERSHAL PARKER June 02, 1978 in Las Vegas, NV. Notes for MARGARET LEONA HAMILTON: Margaret Leona Hamilton b. 28 Oct. 1933 Denver, Co to David Clair and Nina Mae Hamilton m. Yuma, Az. to John Elmer Faison div. Yuma, Az. from John Elmer Faison 2nd marriage to Hershal Parker, father of her daughter-in-law, Jo Ann Parker Faison d. 14 Feb 1992, St. Valentines Day, after a long hard faught battle against Leukemia. SOCIAL SECURITY DEATH INDEX MARGARET PARKER b. 28 Oct 1933 Denver, Co. d. 14 Feb 1992 Yuma, Az. at home (No Location Given) (No Location Given) SS# 527-38-4710 Arizona Before 1951 Buried Yuma City Cemetery, Yuma, Arizona More About MARGARET LEONA HAMILTON: Fact 1: Married John E. Faison/ Yuma, AZ Fact 2: Divorced from John E. Faison / Yuma, AZ. Fact 3: Married Hershal Parker / Las Vegas, NV Children of MARGARET HAMILTON and JOHN FAISON are: i. MARGARET JOANNA8 FAISON, b. June 05, 1949, Chyenne, WY; m. CHARLES B. DUFFY, Yuma, AZ. ii. DARNICE JEAN FAISON, b. October 20, 1951, Yuma, AZ; m. STANLEY MAGANA, Yuma, AZ. iii. JOHN ELMER FAISON, b. August 15, 1955, Yuma, AZ; d. May 05, 1990, St Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix, AZ.; m. JO ANN PARKER, Yuma, AZ. Notes for JOHN ELMER FAISON: Yuma Daily Sun Obit John Elmer Faison Jr. Friends of John Elmer Faison Ju., 34, of Yuma may call from 4 to 8 p.m. Wednesday at Kammann Mortuary. Services will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday at the mortuary. Bill Embree of Westside Church of Christ will officiate. Burial will be in Desert Lawn Cemetery. Born Aug. 15, 1955, in Yuma, he died May 5, 1990, at St. Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix. He was a shop foreman for Suburban Sanitation in Yuma. Survivors include his wife Jo Ann of the home; daughters Jodi Lynn and Jennifer Christine, both of the home; father John Elmer Faison Sr. of Yuma; mother Peggy Parker of Yuma; and sisters Joanny Duffy, Jeanne Magana, Judy Watkins and Justine Blackwell, all of Yuma. Pallbearers include John Malloy, Charlie Garcia, Gilbert Garcia, Frank Vasquez, Stanley Magana and Charles Duffy. iv. JUDITH LYNNETT FAISON, b. April 11, 1959, Yuma, AZ; m. STANLEY WATKINS, Yuma, AZ. v. LYDIA JUSTINE FAISON, b. October 02, 1965, Yuma, AZ; m. DANNY BLACKWELL, Yuma, AZ. 25. PATRICIA MAE7 HAMILTON (DAVID CLAIR6, WILLIAM MAURICE5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born February 07, 1938 in Denver, Co.. She married JOHN EDWIN TOMKINS September 13, 1957 in El Centro, Ca., son of JOHN TOMKINS and IRENE SEARS. Children of PATRICIA HAMILTON and JOHN TOMKINS are: i. JOHN MICHAEL8 TOMKINS, b. January 20, 1959, Bethpage, Town of Oyster Bay, Suffolk Co, LI, NY; m. TRACEE DARTSCH, June 13, 1998, Kingman, Arizona. ii. STEVEN WADE TOMKINS, b. January 20, 1959, Bethpage, Town of Oyster Bay, Suffolk Co, LI, NY. iii. WALTER EDWIN TOMKINS, b. March 11, 1963, Yuma, Az.; m. MILINDA ANNE JOSSEFIDES, May 21, 1991, The Pointe, Phoenix, AZ. iv. AMY LYNN TOMKINS, b. November 05, 1964, Yuma, Az.; m. PAUL BRADLEY SANASAC, August 28, 1982, Mt Zion Church, Yuma, Az. 26. RICHARD ORVILLE7 HAMILTON (DAVID CLAIR6, WILLIAM MAURICE5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born December 21, 1945 in Coupeville, WA.. He married SYLVIA ANN CLAPP June 01, 1963 in Beaumont TX. Children of RICHARD HAMILTON and SYLVIA CLAPP are: i. RICHARD ORVILLE8 HAMILTON, b. April 25, 1964, Yuma, AZ; m. MARILEE STEPHENS, Kingman, AZ. ii. LINDA KAY HAMILTON, b. November 17, 1965, Beaumont TX; m. BRIAN JALBERT, Yuma, AZ. More About LINDA KAY HAMILTON: Fact 1: Married Brian Jalbert / Yuma, AZ Fact 2: Divorced Brian Jalbert / Yuma, AZ. iii. ANNA CHRISTINE HAMILTON, b. February 20, 1975, Yuma, AZ; m. TRACY FURR, July 30, 1994, Kingman, AZ. 27. JUDITH ANN7 HAMILTON (DAVID CLAIR6, WILLIAM MAURICE5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born August 10, 1946 in Yuma, Az. She married PAUL CHERITON CAMPBELL June 12, 1965 in Yuma, AZ. Children of JUDITH HAMILTON and PAUL CAMPBELL are: i. JUDITH MICHELE8 CAMPBELL, b. July 22, 1966, Yuma, AZ. ii. PAUL DAVID CAMPBELL, b. July 29, 1971, Yuma, AZ; m. MALINDA, 1997, Houston, Tx. 28. BONNIE JEAN7 BLACKWELL (BETTE ROSE6 HAMILTON, WILLIAM MAURICE5, WILLIAM ALEXANDER4, DAVID3, THOMAS2, THOMAS1) was born April 14, 1946 in WA.. She married JOSEPH PECCORINI. Children of BONNIE BLACKWELL and JOSEPH PECCORINI are: i. KAREN HAMILTON8 PECCORINI, b. August 11, 1966. ii. SARA SHANNON PECCORINI, b. March 16, 1970. iii. JENNIFER ANN PECCORINI, b. October 07, 1973. iv. JAIME JEAN PECCORINI, b. January 10, 1977.