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Remember I hoped that Arlene Mansfield was working the Bower line..... I guess my hoping is working overtime. She sent me a small notebook of work. Adding two more generations to the Bower line and one more to the Swinehart line, we are now eligible for the DAR's if you all want to, got the right sex, and didn't just marry into the line like I did. Oh well. It's quite exciting anyway.

The magic Grandfather is Adam Swinehart, the father of Margaret Bowers (whoops I used her married name.) I know for a fact that there is more information on this man and there seems to be a family organization decending from Margaret's brother, Adam Swinehart II. Arlene did send me the following which I hortened because of space.

ADAM SWINEHART: Information from Arlene Mansfield

"Here we shall stay," said Adam Swinehart of Washington Co., PA, when he discovered the spring on what is now the Jason Smith farm north of Bowerston, Ohio.

This was in the fall of 1816 and Adam Swinehart was hunting a new home, a new frontier to conquer. In the spring of 1817, he migrated with his family to what is known as Carroll Co. He "entered" land there; also in Harrison Co. Tradition says "eighty acres for each of his girls and one hundred and sixty acres for each of his boys.: His sons were Adam and Gabriel. Daughters were Hester, married Abraham Long; Margaret married JOHN BOWERS; Eve married John Easterday; Elizabeth married David Bowers.

Elizabeth Swinehart who married David Bowers was given the land by her father on which Bowerston is now located, hence the name Bowerston.

The family historian, Mrs. C. C. Waltenbaugh, Canton, Ohio has recently discovered that Adam Swinehart and several of his brothers served their country during the Revolution on the Indian frontier in the western part of Pennsylvania. The site of the old fort can be pointed out by local residents. The claim has been verified by the National D. A. R. of Washington, D. C., so that the grave on the top of the hill will be marked one of these days.

The above Adam Swinehart Revoluntionary War records are in the PA Archives Series VI DAR Vol 2, page 168 and page 184.

The Swineharts came from Germany to Maryland, then Pennsylvania and on to Ohio and westward.

Source: DAR Patriot Index 1966

p. 662 SWINEHART, Adam. born: 30 Jun 1760 died: 8 Apr 1852
Married Margaret LESLIE
Rank: Pvt. PA

SWEINHART, John born: ca. 1756 died: 1778
Married: Sarah...
Rank: CM man PA

BOWER FAMILY HISTORY written by Romayne Halsted

P. 173 Margaret Swinehart and Elizabeth Swinehart were sisters, daughters of Adam Swinehart Sr. and in 1816 settled on land a mile east of Bowerston, Ohio. On which a cemetery, long ago abandoned, is located on a high hill, there rest the remains of this pioneer.

***** That's not even a tid-bit of the information Arlene sent me. So expect lots more information. Did I say that Arlene has a little computer that cranks all this information out.**** (Dab note 2000: Arlene was the first person I had meet that did use the computer for everything. I was in total amazement of her computer charts and forms she sent me)

ADDRESSES Thank you Mom-in-law, Virginia Bednar for the Addresses. I arrpeciate thek you Aunt Bertha Bednar for the addresses and the information from Katharine Bednar. Oh, forgot to mention. My mom-in-law notieced a few glaring errors on my address list and I suppose I ought to send another one with the corrections. I'll do it soon.


I have 23 family group sheets of the children of... and 10 direction lines done. What would be nice would be one for each marriage of the children and so on. Some of you have done this (because I do have 23 done) but there are a few holes. Also...maybe... you remember my filing... I might have lost one or two. So these are the ones I've gotten typed up. Gene and Bertha Bednar
Laura and Arthur Phelps
Earl and Virginia Bednar
Clara and Don Thorseen
Mary and Webb Simpson
Daniel and Clara Grimm
Arminda and Charles Carpenter
Doug and Julia Grimm
Lawrence and Verna Bednar
Mabel and Howard Powers
Grace and Don McKercher
Marting and Mary Bednar
Dave and Sarah Grim
Mary and Al Chicken
Nell and John Burns
Stant and Martha Grimm
Nando and Roxy Grimm
Ren and Mary Warner Grimm
Lois and Ray Myers
Patricia and Larry Carter
Millie and George Van Kleek
Nellie and Cyrus Farr
Robert and Walburga Powers

Remember these are the children of... part. I have the family group sheets for the direct ones too.

I'm sending a copy of the kind of family group sheets I'm using. Please feel free to fill it out for yourself or for your children. I know if you're like Bob Powers you've sent me this kind of information already. I'm sure you can think of something.

I think that this is especially interesting now because of the family re-union scheduled in Wisconsin....actually the words I wanted to use were important and necessary. If you can't be there ... how about a family group sheet, a brief history, and a picture. I really mean it. Send a scrap book and brag about those kids and things that are dearest to you.

I'm going to be there but I've got to leave home about the 14th or 15th to make it. I'm driving. My son Earl is co-piloting us and acting as road manager, Erin is my Navigator and Rachel is my doctor. Ginny is in charge of entertainment and trouble.(dab note 2000: Ginny was 17/18 months old on this trip. Rachel was 7 years. Erin was 9. Earl was 12 years old.) My hubby is staying home to earn the money for the trip. I can be gone as long as my money holds out. How far will $1.95 go? If I can get enough free camping and meals I can be gone a month. (My girl friend said I should make little sutle hints about visiting ie... dinner) (Was that sutle enought? Was sutle spelt correctly?)

I'm coming up through Nebraska and Iowa. Got to visit those cemeteries in Lynch, Gross, Spencer and Venus.... and Early. Matter of fact I got to get to Ohio. Gee, while I am wishing I wish I could get back to Maine and Maryland. I'm bringing all my Bednar/Grimm/Persons/Swinehart/Bowers information and think that we can find a xerox machine to duplicate any records you'll want. I also feel that this would be a good time for you to bring those old photos to copy and to look at. Bring new photos too so I can use them in this newsletter.

It would also be nice to have a directory of all the kids. Addresses and such. I know that everyone is not interested in genealogy and stuff but some are. I am expecially interested in contacting some of the Grimm children.


I'm sure Arlene Haskins would be glad to receive your family group sheets, etc. for the Reunion and maybe hold them for me. Also my mother-in-law, Virginia Bednar will be starying with Clara Thorseen in Solen Springs. Have I ever told you about my mom-in-law? SHE IS SPECIAL. and she has tried over the years to teach me... She will guard anything sent to her with her live. She hasn't lost anything in decades. Well organized. Responsible. and super-super NICE. So you could send things to her c/o Clara Thorseen...Solen Springs, WI. Remember I'll be leaving here in mid June.

CLOSING I've got to go. I hope to see all of you in Wisconsin on the 23rd of June. I am so excited about meeting you. If you would like to call me my phone number is .... I listed it under my maiden name Cordray
Love from this Bednar

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