What a surprise!!! Today, 27 Nov 2000, is my husband's and my 30th wedding anniversary.
Our three daughters got together and placed the wedding picture in the Everett Herald newspaper.
It hasn't been easy being married 30 years... but the good times have been plentiful and the bad times few.
Even today... with the fire... and other difficulties... I am glad I married the 'old guy'
So I proclaim today is "Kiss Some One You Love" Day....

A few comments: I made the dress myself in less then 8 hours.
This is Bednar's favorite suit and he wears it to special occasions... like our wedding,
our son's wedding, and I think he wore it at Uncle Mel's funeral...
I was wearing white lipstick and white eye highlights.... and high heels
The veil headdress was borrowed from Helen Hicks who created all the bouquets and flowers.
My rings were Mom's engagement ring and Grandma's wedding ring.