Darilee Cordray Bednar

In the 9th grade I was 'girl of the month' at our school because of my work in the library. At college I discovered genealogy while trying to graduate with some kind of degree that included library science minor. Didn't make the degree nor did I ever work in a library. You might say I was done in by the Dewey Decimal System.

I never lost my love of history and genealogy. My husband and I have been to the majority of the U.S. states. I love spending time in museums, bookstores, and cemeteries. . We use to travel with our Bronco and trailer and 4 children. The photos show how we travel now. The old guy rides his 1974 Harley Davidson and I ride the 1976 classic VW Trike. I pull a trailer and when we don't stay with friends we camp out. In the six years I've owned the trike, we've been to Sturgis SD, Northern California, Reno NV, British Columbia and all parts in between. During the summer I ride it to work most days.

I have been online doing genealogy with the USGenWeb Project since 1996. I teach genealogy classes at the local senior center (20 years of volunteer teaching). I've worked at the Family History Center, worked for the 1990 census, and am currently developing a domain for an Independent Washington page.

I own 3rd St Book Exchange in downtown Marysville WA {nope, I still don't do Dewey). I am proud that I have a FREE Genealogy Library that includes over 4000 yearbooks and 3000 genealogy related books.

My current webpage is:
http://www.rootsweb.com/~waskagit/snohindex.html Snohomish County WA
http://www.rootsweb.com/~waskagit/sanjindex.html San Juan County WA
http://www.rootsweb.com/~waskagit Skagit County WA
also has the catalog for the Free Genealogy Library...

If you be out there this summer and see that white trike, pulling a trailer full of books, or sitting along side the road (while I try to access my email with the laptop...) Hey that be me... Honk and wave...

Darilee Cordray Bednar...
born in Washington, raised in Washington,
growing mold in Washington...

Thank you Roxy and Elaine for your help in creating this page. Have a Happy.....